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The Role of Smart Scales in Retail’s Dynamic Future Landscape

By Shekel

November 30, 2023

7 min read

If there is one constant in the world of retail, it might be change. The retail world today is vastly different from what it looked like five years ago. In another five years, it’ll likely look even more unrecognizable than the retail world we remember. Therefore, it’s imperative for retailers to catch up with the changes that have already taken place and keep pace with the changes that are bound to come in the future. One way to do this is to utilize new technologies like smart scale weighing systems that are reshaping the future of retail. 

With that in mind, let’s explore some of the trends that could help define the future of retail and the role that smart scale and other forms of new technology will play in creating the new retail landscape.

Speed It Up

Frictionless shopping experience adopting technology

Without a doubt, speed will remain a crucial element for retailers in ensuring customer satisfaction in the years ahead. While certain shopping experiences may involve leisurely browsing, the demand for a swift and efficient process is particularly pronounced in places like grocery stores, where necessity rather than pleasure dictates the visit. Smart scale weighing systems are poised to be instrumental in achieving this efficiency, as they can rapidly calculate both weight and price compared to their traditional counterparts. This translates to less effort for both customers and employees when weighing items, resulting in an overall faster and more streamlined experience—qualities that customers increasingly seek in most retail environments.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Aligned with speed, accuracy is a critical expectation for customers. In today’s technological landscape, consumers demand nothing short of pinpoint accuracy. Moreover, maintaining adherence to industry standards, including pricing transparency and fair business practices, has never been more crucial. With accurate weighing systems, retailers can guarantee precision in measurements, fostering trust and transparency with their customers. Hence, any retail store dealing with weighted items or requiring precise measurements while stocking products should incorporate smart scale weighing systems to ensure both customer satisfaction and compliance with industry standards.

Visual Recognition

Weighing systems sensor

One area where smart scales surely represent a step up from traditional scales is with features like visual recognition that go far beyond weighing objects. Modern technology has advanced to the point where smart scales include sensors that can recognize the item being placed on the scale rather than the customer or employee having to punch in a product ID. This allows the scale to recognize the item, weigh it, and calculate the price almost instantaneously. Not only will this help to save valuable time for customers but also exemplifies the kind of technology that consumers will increasingly anticipate from all retailers, aligning with the growing demand for advancements in the autonomous shopping revolution.

Added Information

Beyond simply providing the weight and price of purchased items, smart scale weighing systems have the potential to offer consumers additional valuable information. In the case of food products, these scales can furnish details such as calories and other relevant nutritional information based on the item’s weight. This capability extends to other industries, where pertinent information can be shared based on the product being weighed.

Moreover, the advanced sensors integrated into smart scale weighing systems enable them to detect items and suggest similar products to customers. This feature aligns seamlessly with the expectations of modern consumers, who are increasingly informed and seek comprehensive insights into the products they purchase. By employing smart scales that can dispense key information, retailers can effectively meet the growing consumer demand for a deeper understanding of every product they buy.

Part of the POS

weighing systems

Another way that smart scale weighing systems can add speed and convenience to the shopping experience is by being integrated directly into a retailer’s point-of-sale (POS) system. While not every scale has to be connected to a POS, it’s possible for some stores to make weighing an item, calculating the price, and paying for something all one step. Needless to say, this will further expedite the shopping experience in certain situations, helping stores meet the demand that consumers have for more convenient shopping when they visit a retailer rather than buying products online.

Automating Inventory

Smart scales and smart shelves, either in the main part of the store or the back room, can play a role in a business managing inventory more efficiently. In the past, managing inventory has been a tedious and time-consuming process. On top of that, it’s possible for employees to make mistakes that have consequences. But when scales and smart shelves play a role in managing inventory, retailers can reduce mistakes and the time it takes to perform inventory-related tasks.

While consumers may not always experience this impact directly, smart scales can play a role in helping retailers avoid being out of a product that’s in demand. Customers will surely notice that a retail store always has the items they want, giving them every reason to keep coming back to that store, which is going to be one of the biggest challenges the retail industry faces in the years to come.

Customers Expect New Technology

weighing systems

As mentioned, modern customers expect retailers to utilize new forms of technology like smart scale weighing systems. More and more shoppers are Millennials or Gen Z, and the percentage of consumers from younger generations is only going to increase. These consumers will notice when they use an old-fashioned scale instead of a smart scale and similar instances when a business isn’t utilizing new technology. It might seem unfair, but this will lead to consumers having a negative view of a store. Therefore, retailers have little choice but to keep up with growing technological trends, including the use of smart scale weighing systems.

Creating Experiences

Outside of simply making shopping more streamlined and efficient, retailers will need to provide customers with a memorable experience. Everyone can get almost any product they need through an app or e-commerce store nowadays, so when they go to a store, they want it to either be easy or special.

Providing that special experience isn’t always going to be easy, but new technologies like smart scales can certainly help. They can help take the monotony out of a trip to the store, making the experience more personal and unique. On top of that, smart scales also play a role in providing excellent customer service, which is another feature that retailers must have to keep up with the changing landscape. The trick for each specific retailer is determining the best way to use new technology like smart scales. But there is no question that this type of technology will be critical to the future of retail.


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Determining precise weights has always been an essential part of commerce, from ancient marketplaces to the silk road – that’s why our company name is Shekel, from the ancient Hebrew word for “to weigh.” Shekel has been at the forefront of the digital weighing industry for the past five decades, and we continue to lead through innovation.

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