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Innovendi is an unattended automated locked vending machine that uses Shekel’s Product Aware Technology (PAT). This technology provides accurate and reliable measurements, enabling various services, such as frictionless shopping experiences and inventory management. Innovendi is a versatile and convenient solution for retailers and other businesses looking to improve their operations and provide a better customer experience.



Innovendi products are only accessible when a customer presents a payment option


Product recognition sensors and machine learning algorithms make checkout a breeze


Choose from dry or cool configurations to sell a diverse range of products and maximize sales


Management tools maximize inventory efficiency, optimize service, and increase space-to-sales

Innovendi is the innovation vendors
have been waiting for

Innovendi is a fully autonomous vending machine equipped with Shekel’s Product Aware Shelf kits. It allows customers to easily self-service products using a simple grab-and-go system. To use Innovendi, customers present an ID or credit card to unlock the door, grab the products they want, close the door, and pay. Real-time inventory management data is communicated to the operator, enabling efficient and accurate operations. Innovendi is available in both cool and dry cabinet configurations, making it a versatile solution for a variety of settings, including airports, campuses, hotels, and more. It can be used as part of a smart vending solution, as a Micro Market addition in or outside a main store, or as a small and independent 24/7 Micro Market. With Innovendi, retailers can transform their environment, providing products at a pace that fit today’s urban lifestyle.