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Putting the Scale in Scalability

Mass Master:

At the core of Shekel is our immense experience with precision weighing and measuring. With over five decades of experience in the weighing industry, we have both the expertise and knowledge necessary to deliver advanced weighing systems. Our solutions are robust, incorporating plug-and-weigh mechanics with our ultra-thin and ultra-reliable, proprietary load cell technology. We are constantly evolving, with ongoing optimization algorithms that help to improve accuracy and performance. Our technology is the primary layer that is incorporated into all of our products, from neonatal scales to smart shopping carts. 

Micro Magic:

This is where Shekel makes magic with gravity. With our technology, we’re able to convert incredibly accurate weight readings into real-time solutions across multiple industries. Shekel’s state-of-the-art weighing and visual recognition-based systems combine for industry-leading product recognition. Using the power of Big Data, we can tell the difference between a can of Coke and a can of Diet Coke based purely on their miniscule weight difference. Our combination of super sensors and lidar allows us to track customer movements and actions in real time – at a fraction of the GPU cost of conventional camera-based visual tracking systems. This provides added security for vendors while protecting the privacy of customers.

Macro Magic:

Finally, Shekel uses the data points we’ve recorded to offer a larger view of any business. Retailers can use big data to gather vital insights, such as conversion rates for products taken off a shelf and then put back down. This allows vendors to make data-driven decisions that can scale their businesses. Powerful tools for managing inventory and improving the customer experience enable them to maximize every inch of retail space. In addition to our proprietary capabilities, we are a member of the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance, which provides us access to Intel technology and support to help accelerate the deployment of our solutions.

What sets us apart

Decades of industry experience have allowed us to become true technological heavyweights with a full complement of advantages.


Powerful precision

Advanced engineering knowledge for high-accuracy weighing and measuring

Cutting-edge tech

Sophisticated software and core engineering technology for innovative solutions

Expert experience

50+ years of experience and expertise in advanced weighing systems

Super scalable

Customizable solutions to scale processes across various industries and applications

Robust reputation

Reliable, high-quality products backed by a reputable company listed on the ASX

What’s new @ Shekel?

Staying at the forefront of any industry requires constant improvement, and Shekel is no exception, so keep tabs on what we’ve got going on.