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Robotic Milking Systems

Shekel’s scale systems can be integrated into the walking platform of automatic milking systems to provide continuous monitoring of a cow’s weight.



 Turn raw data into insights, providing reliable measurements for a variety of applications


Development and installation based on client needs

Long Lasting

Robust builds ensure these scales will stand the test of time


Designed for real-world applications that demand accuracy, simplicity, and speed

Product Specifications

Monitoring a cow’s weight is important when running a robotic milking operation because it can provide valuable information about the cow’s health and well-being. By monitoring the cow’s weight, farmers can detect changes in the cow’s condition that may indicate illness or other health issues. This information can be used to provide the cow with appropriate treatment and care, which can help to maintain its health and maximize its milk production. Additionally, monitoring the cow’s weight can help farmers optimize their feeding and management practices, which can further improve the cow’s health and milk production. The electronic weighing indicator is equipped with specialized software to ensure accurate measurements. These features make Shekel’s scales suitable for farming environments and adhere to the highest international standards.