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Shekel Brainweigh Partners with Madix to Bring AI Smart Shelves to North American Retailers

By Shekel

December 20, 2022

7 min read

Shekel’s strategic joint development and marketing agreement with Madix will integrate Shekel’s weighing technology into Madix’s designs for distribution across North America, providing customers with accessible data and reliable inventory visibility.

Shekel Brainweigh’s Retail Innovation Division has signed a strategic joint development and marketing agreement with Madix Inc., a leading retail and shelf manufacturer. Madix works in partnership with retailers and national brands to design, manufacture, and facilitate the use of store fixtures. Madix is one of the largest manufacturers of store fixtures globally, with key customers across North and Central America, including the world’s largest retailer and the largest grocery chain in the US.

This partnership with Shekel Brainweigh is aimed at integrating Shekel’s weighing technology into Madix’s designs for distribution across North America to new and existing customers. Under the terms of the agreement, Shekel and Madix will design and develop new joint products integrating Shekel’s existing technology with Madix’s state-of-the-art retail store fixtures. This will allow customers to select their desired AI Smart Shelf product to fit their requirements.

Customers who purchase the products from this joint venture will pay Madix for the hardware and a monthly fee to Shekel for ongoing data services. This Software as a Service model (SaaS) secures an ongoing revenue source for Shekel with an expectation that this data subscription will grow over time.

Madix and Shekel’s joint products provide a ready-to-install solution for retailers, with shelves manufactured by Madix converted into smart shelves by attaching Shekel’s ultra-thin weighing technology, backed by artificial intelligence. This will provide customers with accessible data, giving them reliable inventory visibility and assisting them in addressing overstock and out-of-stock problems.

Promoting Shekel’s products via Madix will introduce the company to the North American markets with tested and ready-to-install retail shelf racks produced by a trusted supplier to the largest retailers. Shekel will have exposure to a new customer base with minimal capital outlay or marketing costs required. Working alongside a leading shelf manufacturer such as Madix ensures that it is easier to customize shelf design according to customer requirements, and Shekel’s technology can be seamlessly integrated.

This development and marketing agreement demonstrates the value Madix places on Shekel’s technology and the role it will have in the future direction of retail operations.


Determining precise weights has always been an essential part of commerce, from ancient marketplaces to the silk road – that’s why our company name is Shekel, from the ancient Hebrew word for “to weigh.” Shekel has been at the forefront of the digital weighing industry for the past five decades, and we continue to lead through innovation.

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