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How Medical Weighing Scales Can Help Monitor Patient Health

By Shekel

January 15, 2024

7 min read

In medical and healthcare settings, there is no such thing as going too far when it comes to monitoring and helping patient health. In this digitally enabled age, healthcare providers need to be willing to use all available tools in the name of patient health, such as advanced medical weighing scales. 

Thanks to advances in smart technology, medical weighing scales can do a lot more than most people realize. In fact, they have started to become a very useful tool in monitoring the health and well-being of patients. Let’s take a look at how medical weighing scales can be used for patient health and the growing role they have in the world of healthcare.

Keeping a Record of the Patient’s Weight

Medical Weighing Scales keep record

Without question, it’s important to have an accurate weight of a patient before any medical exam, test, or procedure. However, it’s also a good idea to have a record of a patient’s weight over time. Therefore, changes in weight will be known to both doctors and patients, and so, certain weights can be linked to changes in a patient’s health. With today’s modern smart scales, the weight of a patient is not only registered when they step on the scale but the smart medical weighing scale maintains a digital record of someone’s weight so that their previous weights can be used to gauge the state of their health.

Tracking Healthcare Trends

Along those same lines, medical weighing scales can be used to detect various healthcare trends, such as irregular fluctuations in a person’s weight. Think of each use of a scale as a snapshot in time. But with a smart scale that maintains a record of someone’s weight over a long period of time, patients and doctors can see long-term trends. It’s possible to see how a patient’s weight has changed and at what rate it has changed, both of which could prove to be medically relevant.

Medical Weighing Scales Measure More Than Weight

Medical Weighing Scales Measure More Than Weight

Today’s medical weighing scales are smart scales that can help to measure more than just a patient’s weight. If a patient’s weight is combined with their height, smart scales can help to analyze body composition. This means gaining a better understanding of a patient’s bone density, body fat, muscle mass, and water percentage just from knowing their weight and height. Therefore, smart scales help to provide more insight into the health of a patient by turning their weight into more data.

Precise Measurements Matter

With regard to patient health, precise weight measurements are a big deal. This is why modern smart scales that are more accurate and reliable are necessary in healthcare settings. The amount of medication, radiation, or anesthesia patient needs for various procedures and treatments often depends on their weight. If a patient’s weight is inaccurate, they could potentially receive too much or too little of a certain medication or treatment. This is particularly true with children and newborns where every ounce matters. Therefore, the most accurate smart scales, including neonatal scales, are critical in providing the most precise measurements possible and ensuring patient health.

Reduce Medical Errors

Reduce Medical Errors

Practicing medicine is far from easy and mistakes are going to happen. However, mistakes caused by faulty and unreliable equipment should be unacceptable. As mentioned, a patient’s weight is an important factor in providing treatment, so inaccurate readings will help to increase the chances of a mistake that is harmful to the health of a patient. This makes accurate physician scales an important part of patient care.

Connecting to Apps

Not only are modern smart scales more accurate than scales of past generations but they can connect to any number of healthcare apps that can help patients monitor their own health better. This can help make patients more cognizant of their weight and changes to it in between trips to the doctor’s office. If a patient is trying to change their weight to improve their health, smart scales and apps can make it easier for them to monitor their progress with their doctor potentially having access to that information as well. In other words, smart scales and apps make it easier to monitor a patient’s health without necessarily seeing a doctor, which typically results in better healthcare outcomes.

Patient Awareness and Participation 

Patient Awareness and Participation

Similarly, smart scales and apps can improve patient awareness and participation in monitoring their health and staying healthy. Simply being aware of changes in their weight can help a patient recognize what lifestyle choices they need to make in order to maintain a healthy weight. Without the close monitoring provided by smart scales, this can be harder to accomplish. However, with the use of medical weighing scales, patients can have better body awareness. As mentioned, it’s not just their weight but body composition that can be monitored closely with smart scales. This makes it easier for patients to see how their lifestyle choices impact their weight and health.

Patient Confidence

If medical professionals use cutting-edge smart medical weighing scales, they can instill a sense of confidence in patients, which is an underrated part of patient health. If a patient knows that the best equipment available is being used to track and monitor their health, they will feel better. They will trust the results of the smart scale and the advice that comes from the doctor that’s based on the data the smart scale is collecting. This helps to ensure that patients and doctors are on the same page and always working toward the same healthcare goals.

Viable for Every Patient

Wheelchair accessible patients can use medical weighing scales

The wonderful thing about the types of medical smart scales that are available today is that they can be used for every patient. Not all patients are able to step onto a traditional scale. However, modern technology has given us precise smart scales for neonatal patients, scales that are wheelchair accessible scale, and scales with high-weight capacities. This means that every patient – with no exceptions – will be able to benefit from the precision and tools provided by modern smart scales that have a positive impact on monitoring patient health.


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