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10 Hotspots You Should Consider for Your Smart Vending Machines

By Shekel

April 12, 2024

7 min read

If you thought that vending machines would stay the same forever, think again. Smart technology hasn’t just led to smart shopping carts and self-checkout stations in retail locations. It has also created smart vending machines that allow customers to make grab-and-go purchases while also tracking inventory in real-time to help popular items get restocked and learn more about what consumers are buying. 

As technology has evolved, so too have consumer expectations. Modern vending machines offer more than just snacks and sodas—they can now dispense a diverse range of products including electronics, personal care items, and even hot meals. Thanks to these advancements, smart vending machines can be installed in previously unconventional locations, opening up new opportunities for revenue anytime, anywhere. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best locations to install a smart vending machine to maximize returns.

Office Settings

smart vending machine in office

Every day people going about their day will inevitably gravitate toward vending machines. This makes traditional office settings a popular hotspot for smart vending machines. People will take breaks or get hungry during the day and consider what the nearest vending machine has to offer. Others will forget to bring a lunch and need to find a quick solution while others will need to grab something to drink. In other words, there are countless reasons why someone working in an office would need a vending machine at some point in the day. Office parks that host several businesses should have vending machines, and the same is true for any standalone office for a business with at least 50 employees.

Distribution Facilities

Industrial parks, distribution facilities, and manufacturing plants are no different from traditional offices. The employees there get hungry and thirsty during their shifts and look to the vending machine for a quick and simple solution. In fact, these types of settings might be better for vending machines than traditional office settings because they’re more likely to be open 24/7, meaning there is always a steady stream of employees drifting to the vending machines.

Apartment Complexes

Large apartment complexes get a lot of foot traffic. There are a lot of people living there who often crave a snack or something to drink and don’t want to venture too far. This means smart vending machines can do a lot of business in a short period of time. The bigger the apartment complex, the more likely they are to have common areas that bring people out of their homes. Therefore, smart vending machines can be strategically placed throughout the complex to make them accessible to more people.

Public Transport Hubs

smart vending machine at train station

Public transport hubs such as bus stations, subway stations, and airports are prime locations for smart vending machines due to the sheer volume of daily commuters and travelers. These hubs often have passengers waiting for their next connection, making them more likely to purchase quick snacks, drinks, or last-minute travel essentials. Modern vending machines can be stocked with a variety of products ranging from healthy snacks and hot beverages to travel pillows and chargers, catering to the diverse needs of travelers. The convenience of vending machines can be a significant draw in these settings, where time-sensitive travelers might prefer a quick grab-and-go option over standing in line at a shop. This makes public transport hubs not only a strategic choice for vending machine placement but also a potentially high-revenue generating one.

Retail Stores

It’s common to see vending machines strategically placed in one area of a shopping mall. But even individual retail stores can be a great place for vending machines. The entrance and exit of all stores get a ton of foot traffic, helping lead to impulse purchases. Employees taking a break can also make use of vending machines because they probably don’t have time to go anywhere else to pick up a snack. Plus, if customers have already purchased something, they may not mind spending a few more dollars at the vending machine.


In a way, hospitals are the perfect spot for vending machines because they’re essentially businesses that are open 24/7, 356 days a year. There is also a wide array of potential customers, including staff members, visitors, and patients. Naturally, patients can’t leave, so unless they want to eat at the cafeteria, they need to use a vending machine. Likewise, it’s not easy or convenient for staff members of visitors to leave, even to eat a full meal. This is why smart vending machines with a wide selection of items can have a lot of success inside hospitals.


smart vending machine at gym

Gyms and fitness centers are excellent venues for smart vending machines, catering directly to health-conscious individuals. Members often need quick nutrition before or after workouts, making it convenient to grab protein bars, energy drinks, smoothies, or even small meals from a vending machine. Additionally, vending machines can stock essentials like headphones, yoga mats, or water bottles, providing a seamless solution for those who might forget such items at home. This positioning not only enhances the gym experience but also opens up a lucrative channel for vending machine operators, capitalizing on the specific needs of fitness enthusiasts.

College Dorms

Few demographics have the metabolism to handle a constant barrage of snacks like college students. Plus, with them investing tens of thousands of dollars in their education, what’s a few bucks at the vending machine? This makes college campuses, especially dorms, an ideal place for vending machines. They’re no different from apartment complexes with a lot of people and foot traffic. Therefore, it’s easy to see why vending machines would get much attention inside college dorms.


The most common activity inside a laundromat isn’t washing clothes but rather sitting and waiting. There isn’t a lot of activity within laundromats, which is why vending machines are perfect. They can give people doing their laundry something to do while their clothes are in the machines. Regular customers at the laundromat can become regular customers at the vending machine by developing a routine. Plus, a lot of laundromats are open 24/7, creating more opportunities for foot traffic and people to use the vending machines inside.

Hiking Trails

smart vending machine on hiking trail

While hiking trails might not offer the constant bustle of urban areas, they present unique opportunities for smart vending machines. Hikers often need quick, convenient access to hydration, energy snacks, or even basic gear that they may have forgotten. Smart vending machines can offer these essentials at reasonable prices, providing a welcome alternative to carrying heavy supplies. Trails at popular national parks or busy urban hiking spots can see substantial foot traffic, especially during peak seasons. The advantage of placing vending machines here is not only in meeting the immediate needs of hikers but also in capturing a market with limited nearby competition.

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